“Bollywood Classical Dance by an American Girl”

Its just awesome.
Nothing to say.
A American girl and she is doing a Bollywood classical dance And without any mistake.
Its just awesome.
When i see the song 1st time, i just shocked.
I see it very clearly is it really a american girl or not.
And I can compare samy with the girl. Because Samys dancing style smartness is just similar with the girl. I think Samy is most talented girl from her.
Hope you all enjoy it.
Recommend to see the dance and compare it with Samys dance.
Will be very happy of American people and the Asian people.

“Heart Touching Song”

What a song it is..!!!
Really feel it.
A very slow romantic song.
How many times I listen the song I Couldn’t count.
Samy should dance this types of song. Because its just go with her.
Just listen it after that see another link post of samys dance.
Just recommend the song to listen. Your mind will be happy and you will be in a peach and enjoy a lot.



Samy is just awesome.
Self depended, Good looking, Smart, Very cool, Good dancer and all of beside self working girl.
I really like all of her attitude and last of all she just do her work herself.
I just wanna be exactly like her.
Thanks for inspiring me by uploaded this video.
I hope you all will love the video and the others also.

“Nice Street Dance”

i love the movie – with this song i can dream – great artist – i love the moves from this artist – when i see this video i also will dance like Samy. The song with dance is just awesome. I love really love it. The movement, the fancy dress, fitness of Samy. All is just awesome.
In my teen age i was admit in a dance club for learning dance, but i couldn’t continue. After many days i was just feel the dance.
I really want to dance like Samy with this nice song. I think you all will love the song and the
dance. 🙂